Trump Humiliates Himself At UN By Whining About Obama’s Nobel Prize

Trump is using his time at the UN to whine that Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize and he has not.

Trump was asked about getting a Nobel Prize, and he answered, “I think I am going to get a Nobel prize for a lot of things. If they gave it out fairly, which they don’t. They gave one to Obama immediately when he ascended to the presidency. He had no idea why he got it, and that’s the only thing I agree with him on.”


A president who is an unindicted co-conspirator in two felonies, and who is in the middle of a scandal where he is accused of pressuring a foreign to help him dig up or invent dirt on a political rival ahead of presidential elections thinks that he deserves a Nobel Prize. Never has a president done so little, yet believe that he deserves so much. Donald Trump has a better chance of living the rest of his life in prison than he ever does of winning a Nobel Prize.

We can add the Nobel Prize to the list of things that Trump believes is rigged against him.

It is embarrassing to have a President Of The United States who can only think of himself and all of his imaginary slights and grievances.

Anytime that Trump steps on to the world stage, the only thing that the American people can be sure of is that he will shame their country.