Rachel Maddow Masterfully Shreds Trump Attorney General William Barr


Rachel Maddow took apart Attorney General William Barr and shredded him for his role in the Ukraine scandal as Trump’s get out of jail free card.

Maddow said:

So the attorney general is implicated by the president in this scheme to get a foreign government to help him in his next election campaign. William Barr gets his own department involved in the handling of this whistle-blower complaint about the president. The advice from William Barr’s Justice Department is that this matter should not be conveyed to Congress. And as a criminal matter, not only can the president not be indicted for this or anything, but the president cannot be investigated for anything. And so, yeah, I’ll handle this. Oh, it has to do with the president? He’s fine, I won’t even investigate.


No, you can’t hand it to Congress either. Yeah, I’m happy being involved in this, even though I’m implicated in it too.

Who knew that William Barr was going to be the star player here?

I mean it’s hard to look back on Watergate as like the golden age of the rule of law, given that one of Nixon’s own attorneys general actually went to prison for his role in Watergate. Compare Elliott Richardson and his handling of the Spiro Agnew scandal with what William Barr was revealed to have done today. In this era, attorney general William Barr is up to his neck in this thing. The extent to which he’s going to try to use the Justice Department to get the president off the hook here looks like it’s going to be a major part of this ongoing developing story and it’s going to be a major part of this point in — a major point in this time in American history.


There is no reason for the attorney general and the DOJ to be involved in this story. Trump was trying to use Barr and the DOJ to investigate Biden. Trump doesn’t have a Republican House, so he and his corrupt attorney general intended to use the Justice Department to turn a baseless conspiracy theory into a campaign attack on Joe Biden.

The nexus of power in the Trump administration is being revealed. Mike Pompeo and William Barr are not public servants. They are henchmen who are helping Donald Trump abuse power in the Executive Branch of the United States government.

The Justice Department under William Barr is no longer independent.

It is an arm of Trump’s political operation that is working to protect the president, not the American people.

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