Trump Tries To Hire “Benghazi” Trey Gowdy To Be His Impeachment Lawyer

Trump has reached out to former Rep. Trey Gowdy, who is a Fox News contributor, to be his impeachment lawyer.

CNN’s Manu Raju tweeted:

Trump is going to the same place where he gets all of his other staffing ideas. Fox News. Gowdy is most well known for wasting millions and millions of taxpayer dollars, and abusing his power as a House committee chairman to “investigate” Benghazi conspiracy theories. Gowdy checks all of Trump’s boxes in that he works for Fox News and has a history of pushing conspiracy theories. Gowdy would be crazy to serve as Trump’s impeachment counsel, because Donald Trump isn’t going to listen to a single word that he says, and he’s also never going to get paid.

Trump had to exhume Rudy Giuliani from whatever crypt he calls home to serve as his TV lawyer, and hiring Rudy led to Trump facing impeachment.

No good lawyer will represent Donald Trump, and it goes to show how unprepared Trump is that he is just now looking to hire an impeachment lawyer.

“Benghazi” Trey Gowdy is not the answer unless the question is who is the one TV lawyer on Fox News who might be worse than Rudy Giuliani?

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