Trump’s Lawyer Is Going Down As Rudy Giuliani Has Done Illegal Foreign Lobbying

Advisers to Trump publicly admitted that Rudy Giuliani has done illegal foreign lobbying outside of his Ukraine scheme to smear Joe Biden.

According to The New York Times:
But Mr. Giuliani said that he had undertaken that work on behalf of Mr. Trump, not the Ukrainian prosecutors. He said he had in fact turned down an offer to represent one of the prosecutors because it would have posed a conflict with his work for the president.

What concerns some of Mr. Trump’s advisers more than a possible FARA prosecution related to his Ukraine work is that Mr. Giuliani, who has been representing the president pro bono, is facing a

contentious and potentially costly divorce from his third wife, Judith Nathan, and that he may have taken on clients overseas who could be problematic for him with prosecutors.

“Problematic for him with prosecutors” is another way of saying that Rudy Giuliani illegally lobbied for foreign governments while going through his third divorce. In other words, investigators are looking at Guiliani for the same sort of crimes that sent Paul Manafort to prison. In Manafort’s case, Trump’s former campaign manager pled guilty to conspiracy to defraud the United States government.

Trump is defending Rudy Giuliani for the moment, but with his associates already arrested, and the former New York mayor under criminal investigation, it appears that Giuliani is poised to go down.

Law enforcement is closing in, and the same man who led lock her up chants in 2016, might find himself locked up by 2020.

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