Opinion: Elijah Cummings Is Dancing With the Angels Now

We woke up to the tragic news that Elijah Cummings died. He was a great warrior for justice, for civil rights, for fairness. What can you say about a great man who dedicated his life to making things better for the people of Baltimore, of Maryland and of America?  He may be resting in power and he may be dancing with the angels, but America is going to feel that gaping hole in its heart for a long time.

He was devoted to civil rights, to fairness to justice. He started out in live as the son of sharecroppers. He was underestimated by a teacher who told him he’d never live his dream of becoming a law. Not only did he become a lawyer, he became one of the most powerful and eloquent voices in Democratic leadership.

Cummings  gave Donald Trump so much grief that in typical toddler form, Trump acted out. One could see the contrast between the two as the tributes in defense of Congressman Cummings far outweighed the defense of petulant Donny Trump.

How can anyone find fault with a man who could find the redeemable in Michael Cohen and defend one of Donald Trump’s staunchest supporters, Mark Meadows, when Meadows was accused of racism?

Our hearts ache because we know that a great man who actually lived honor and loyalty in ways that some people can’t even imagine has gone on to rest in power.

If ever there was a person for who that phrase was invented, it is Elijah Cummings.

He believed in fairness and he defended his friends, regardless of which side of the aisle they came from because Elijah Cummings lived the honor of public service – a concept unheard of in circles that believe it’s totally okay to shake countries down to pursue personal political ambitions.

His last tweet, tells us about his dedication to justice and accountability.

It was a statement on the ruling against Mazars USA LLP

“Today’s ruling is a fundamental & resounding victory for Congressional oversight, our Constitutional system of checks & balances, & the rule of law. For far too long, the President has placed his personal interests over the interests of the American people.”

It’s tempting to lash out at those who didn’t respect or appreciate Congressman Cummings. I’ve been doing it in my head since first learning the news.  I know in my heart, this is a difference between him and me.  He’d be looking to make things better.  Hed’s be looking to console broken hearts. He’d be talking about the qualities that made the person who passed amazing and why they were loved.

He would be right.  It’s far more important to celebrate Elijah Cumming’s and his life. By emulating this of his many admirable qualities, we’d be making certain that he does  rest in power because we’d be honoring who he was.

Cummings was more than the Congressman from Baltimore. He was a spouse, a father, a friend.  The people who knew and lived with him saw him as the person who you could go to if you needed help.

It’s more important to remember how he led and why he was so loved whether you live in Baltimore, live next door or somewhere else in America.

He had compassion for Michael Cohen and he defended Mark Meadows. It bears repeating because that level of forgiveness and that kind of loyalty are often talked about. But seeing it is increasingly rare.
It’s important to celebrate that the man we love for all he was and/or all he did, is dancing with the angels now.

If anyone deserves to be celebrated by striving to live as he did, it’s Elijah Cummings.