Trump Brags About Stealing From Military Families To Pay For His Wall


Trump is treating his theft of congressionally appropriated funds for military families to pay for his wall as something to brag about.

Trump said, “Few people would have been able to do what we did, but we got it from here. We got it from there, and we got it from all over the place, and we’re building that sucker right now.”



When Trump said here and there what he really meant was he took money from 127 military projects to pay for his wall.

The New York Times reported that Trump stole 62.6 million congressionally appropriated dollars that was intended to build a much needed middle school at Fort Campbell, “The Pentagon’s decision to divert $62.6 million from the construction of Fort Campbell’s middle school means that 552 students in sixth, seventh and eighth grades will continue to cram themselves in, 30 to a classroom in some cases, at the base’s aging Mahaffey Middle School. Teachers at Mahaffey will continue to use mobile carts to store their books, lesson plans and homework assignments because there is not enough classroom space. Students stuffed into makeshift classrooms-within-classrooms will continue to strain to figure out which lesson to listen to and which one to filter out.”

Trump stole funds from people who risk their lives for the American people and their families, and he is bragging about it like it is some sort of great achievement. Stealing from people in need is not a skill. It’s a crime.

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