Trump Thanks His “Friend” Erdoğan For Allowing The US To Surrender In Disgrace

Trump gushed about how wonderful and strong his “friend” Erdoğan was in allowing the US to surrender and give Turkey everything that it wanted.

Trump said, “Well, sanctions won’t be necessary, because Turkey’s doing what they’re doing. I didn’t need Congress for sanctions, because, I can do sanctions that are tougher than congress and I was prepared to do that. I just want to thank and congratulate, though, President Erdoğan he’s a friend of mine and I’m didn’t have a problem. Because frankly he’s a hell of a leader and he’s a tough man, he’s a strong man, and he did the right thing. And I really appreciate it. And I will appreciate it in the future.”


When Trump was asked about giving Turkey everything they wanted, he answered, “Well, Turkey has a great military power. Turkey is a friend of ours, a neighbor of hours, and they’re a member of nato. And what Turkey is getting now, they’re not going to have to kill millions of people and millions of people aren’t going to have to kill them. This was going to be a war of lots of other groups coming in. This wasn’t going to stop with Turkey against the Kurds. A lot of different groups were coming in. We might not have been involved. I don’t want to be involved in that kind of a war. And by the way, we have the strongest military in the war. But we’ve been there for ten years. We’ve been in the Middle East for 19 1/2 years. This was a great thing for everybody. And Turkey is — I really appreciate what they’ve done. They did the right thing.”

Trump admits that he is afraid of Turkey, surrenders, and then thanks for allowing him to surrender and betray US allies.

That is what Donald Trump calls a victory.

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