Trump Admits Quid Pro Quo While Acting As His Own Impeachment Lawyer

Trump admitted that there was a quid pro quo but is claiming that it wasn’t a quid pro quo because the Ukrainians didn’t know about it.

Trump tweeted:

There are several factual misrepresentations in Trump’s tweet.

According to NBC News, everyone in Ukraine knew that it was a quid pro quo:

Bill Taylor testified that there was a quid pro quo. He was directed to withhold the Ukraine aid until the Ukrainians agreed to investigate the Bidens. Taylor also testified that the person who was directing the quid pro quo was Donald Trump.

Trump admitted that there was a quid pro quo, as the White House has adopted the defense of admitting everything, but saying so what. The president is still trying to discredit the whistleblower as he hasn’t realized that the basis for his impeachment is the transcript of the phone call that he released and the witness testimony and documents from his administration.

Donald Trump is acting as his own impeachment lawyer, and in the process, is cementing his legacy as the third president in history ever to be impeached.

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