Trump Is Pressuring China To Investigate Biden As Part Of Trade Talks


Trump’s trade representative, Peter Navarro, refused to answer when he was asked a half a dozen times if Trump is pressuring China to investigate Joe Biden.

Navarro first said that the American people don’t have a right to know what happens behind closed doors in the administration.

Navarro then said that the question of whether or not Trump is pressuring China in trade talks to investigate Biden was inappropriate.


On six occasions, Navarro refused to answer if Trump was tying a trade deal to China investigating Joe Biden.


If Trump wasn’t pressuring China to investigate Biden, Navarro could have easily said no without giving up any of the inside baseball of trade negotiations. The fact that he refused to answer the question is circumstantial evidence that Trump is pressuring China as we speak.

China has no incentive to help Trump get reelected. The Chinese government doesn’t have to be concerned with reelection, and they can afford to wait Trump out. The Ukraine scandal is the offense that Trump will be impeached for, but there are potentially even bigger scandals happening right now.

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