John Bolton Tells Mick Mulvaney To Get Lost As Impeachment Wrecks Trump

Trump Chief Of Staff Mick Mulvaney tried to get in on John Bolton’s lawsuit on impeachment subpoenas and was rejected by the former national security advisor.

The New York Times reported:
Mr. Bolton’s lawyer argued in court papers that Mr. Mulvaney should not be allowed to jump into the existing lawsuit as a plaintiff because his interests are significantly different. But the legal schism underscored a broader rift between Mr. Mulvaney, who facilitated Mr. Trump’s effort to pressure Ukraine for damaging information about Democrats, and Mr. Bolton, who tried to resist it.


Not only did the motion filed Monday by Mr. Bolton’s camp seek to keep Mr. Mulvaney out of the lawsuit, it even advanced an argument that the acting chief of staff may have to testify before House impeachment investigators. The motion noted that in a briefing with reporters last month, Mr. Mulvaney appeared “to admit that there was a quid pro quo” before later trying to take back the admission, meaning that he might not have the right to defy a House subpoena since he had already discussed the matter in public.

“Accordingly, there is a serious question as to whether Mulvaney waived the absolute testimonial immunity claimed by the president,” the motion said.

Mick Mulvaney tried to use John Bolton’s lawsuit asking a judge whether he has to obey the House subpoena or Trump directive not to testify to get out of testifying on impeachment. Bolton turned around and filed a motion that not only told Mulvaney to go pound sand but also set him to maybe have to testify on impeachment.

Mulvaney hopped on the lawsuit because he is trying to run out the clock on impeachment. There is no other reason for Trump’s chief of staff to do what he did. Mick Mulvaney is one of the figures at the center of Trump’s Ukraine extortion, but there is no honor among these thieves.

Impeachment is blowing a hole in the facade of Trump administration unity, and wrecking this White House.

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