Voters Humiliate Trump As Democrat Wins Louisiana Governor Election

Voters in Louisana ignored Donald Trump’s pleas and reelected Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.

Dave Wasserman of NBC News and The Cook Political Report called it for the Democrat:

Bel Edwards withstood a rally from Donald Trump for his Republican opponent, Eddie Rispone. At the rally, Trump said, “You need to fire your far-left governor.”

Louisiana voters didn’t listen to the president.

Trump proved that he lacks coattails after he went to Kentucky for Republican Matt Bevin, who lost. Republicans tried to blame the loss on Bevin, but after Trump injected himself into another statewide election in a Republican state, it is fair to ask if Donald Trump has any coattails at all?

If Trump were a popular incumbent, he would be able to push these Republicans over the finish line in tight elections in states Republicans dominate.

It makes sense that a president who has only been out for himself has no power to elevate members of his own party.

Trump is being impeached, and even in the reddest of states, he has proven to be of no help to his party.

John Bel Edwards’s margin of victory will be slim, but it will represent another defeat for the myth of Donald Trump.

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