Lisa Page Stands Up To Bully Trump’s Lies About Her

Former FBI attorney Lisa Page fired back at Trump after he falsely spread rumors about her during a campaign rally.

Trump claimed that Page took out a restraining order against Peter Strzok:

Page responded:

Trump really believes the conspiracy theories and rumors that he spreads. He is not going to give up on his false belief that the FBI conspired against and spied on him in 2016. It doesn’t matter what the Inspector General found, Donald Trump is convinced that the FBI is out to get him. Trump is immune from civil lawsuits stemming from his actions in his official capacity as president, but it is uncertain if this extends to campaign rallies that Trump conducts as a candidate.

Page has already sued the DOJ and the FBI:

If legally possible, Lisa Page should sue Donald Trump.

It is good to see her stand up to Trump, and other FBI officials that have been smeared by this president will follow her lead.

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