Donald Trump Jr. Threatens GOP Senators

Donald Trump Jr. Threatens Republican Senators On Vote For Witnesses

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 11:55 am

Donald Trump Jr. made a clear threat to moderate Senate Republicans and warned them against voting for witnesses outside of the Biden conspiracy theory.

When asked on Fox Business’s Sunday Morning Futures about witnesses at his dad’s impeachment trial, Trump Jr. said, “If we’re hearing from those witnesses, I want to sort of hear it, because I realized having watched this thing transpire over the last few years, and the nonsense perpetuate itself, I definitely want to hear from the other side. If the Republicans, and some of them, let’s call it weaker Republicans, I sort of like the Rand Paul model, make them vote on it. If some of those guys don’t want to hear from the witnesses that we want to hear from but wantI’d want to know about it, because they don’t deserve to be in office.”


Trump Jr. claimed that he wanted to hear from all of the witnesses, but then threatened the moderate Republicans that if they don’t vote to have Joe and Hunter Biden testify, they don’t deserve to be in office.

Trump Jr.’s statement was a threat to moderate Republicans to either go along with bringing the circus to the Senate or pay the price.

The reality is that most Senate Republicans don’t want to call the Bidens to testify because they think that it would only help Joe Biden and hurt Donald Trump. The president’s son tried to intimidate his father’s jury into blocking all relevant witnesses and turning Trump’s impeachment trial into a sideshow.

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