Bad News For Trump As Roger Stone Judge Orders On The Record Meeting

Judge Amy Berman Jackson has called an on the record telephone conference with all parties in the Roger Stone case just two days before sentencing.

Here is the order from Judge Berman Jackson:

One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist or Matlock to figure out why this meeting is taking place. The judge is going to want to investigate the four prosecutors in the Stone case quit.

Judge Berman Jackson isn’t going to allow the case to be hijacked by Trump and Barr. It is not a good sign for Trump that the judge is likely very angry and wanting answers.

The odds are getting better by the minute that it won’t matter what Trump and Barr recommend in the reduced sentencing recommendation. The judge should throw the book at Stone, and if she does, the pressure will be on Trump to pardon him before the election.

Trump and Barr’s scheme to get Roger Stone off easy appears to be backfiring.

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