Trump Invents Fake Praise From World Leaders For His Virus Response

Trump pulled out one of his favorite propaganda tools at the coronavirus briefing, where he referenced praise by unnamed world leaders for his virus response.

Trump said, “There is nothing like it. There is nobody like us, not even close. I wish I could tell you stories what other country, even powerful countries say to me, the leaders. They say it quietly and they say it off the record, but they have great respect for what we can do.”


The United States leads the world in coronavirus cases.

The United States leads the world in coronavirus deaths.

The United States lags far behind the rest of the developed world in per capita testing and access to testing.

When Trump feels the need to boost his own ego, one of his favorite devices throughout his presidency has been to invent fake praise from unnamed fellow world leaders. In this case, it is impossible to believe that the rest of the world is praising Trump’s negligent and incompetent response to the coronavirus.

Trump knows he’s failing. He is trying to pass the blame to the governors and snow job the American people with made-up praise from unnamed leaders.

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