Trump Mindlessly Repeats Fox News Attack On The WHO

Trump is directly taking his talking points for his attack on the WHO from watching Fox and Friends, as he is copying what he is watching on TV.

Trump tweeted:

Matthew Gerwitz of Media Matters caught the President parroting his favorite morning show:

Trump has his TiVo set to record Fox News, so it is clear that he settled in to watch his morning intelligence briefing at roughly 9 AM. For the record, the press pool call time for Friday at the White House is not until 11 AM. One of the biggest and most underreported elements of the Trump presidency is the fact that the country has a president who rarely shows up to work before lunchtime and leaves by dinner.

The Trump/Fox News reinforcing co-dependency is alive and well. Trump isn’t listening to medical and disease experts on the coronavirus pandemic. He has turned his most trusted adviser, his television. If Joe Biden wins the presidency one of the biggest immediate changes will be that public policy will no longer be influenced by a cable news network.

Trump is a bad president who is getting bad information from all the wrong places.

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