Trump’s Stay At Home Order Protests Have Completely Backfired


Just 22% of Americans, including a plurality of Republicans, agree with Trump and support the stay at home order protests.

Via Yahoo News reporting on a Yahoo/YouGov new poll:

The survey, conducted April 17 to April 19, found that a full 60 percent of the public opposes the largely pro-Trump protesters whose calls for governors to “liberate” their states by lifting lockdown measures have attracted intense media attention in recent days — and whose message the president amplified Friday in a series of all-caps “LIBERATE” tweets about three swing states: Minnesota, Michigan and Virginia.


Only 22 percent of Americans say they support the protesters. Despite Trump’s messaging, even Republicans oppose the protests 47 percent to 36 percent. Asked whether they agree or disagree with Trump’s “LIBERATE” tweets, only a quarter of Americans say they agree.

Trump has refused to condemn the protesters and has gone as far as to encourage them to defy stay at home orders. The President has been doing this in a crackpot bid to mobilize his supporters to pressure the states into reopening their economies before the virus is under control.

The protests are transparently fake political operations that are intended to save a sinking president who was set to base his entire reelection campaign on the economy. Trump’s support for the stay at home order protests has backfired. The American people disagree with Trump. They value their health more than his reelection campaign.

Trump is only digging his hole deeper by going against how the vast majority of Americans demand that the President handle the virus.