Virginia Governor Destroys Trump After Deranged Presidential Potato Rant

At a White House event, Trump tried to fearmonger about guns by claiming that farmers need guns to protect their potatoes in Virginia.

Trump said, “We’re going after Virginia with your crazy governor. They want to take your Second Amendment away. You know that, right? Nobody guarding your potatoes.”


Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam responded by telling Trump to stop taking hydroxychloroquine:

Trump is trying to fearmonger on guns in the most deranged way possible. Gov. Northam was smart not to take the bait, but instead, he turned the conversation back to something that Donald Trump definitely does not want to talk about.

Trump will talk about anything other than the coronavirus and his response. It is not known for certain whether Trump is really taking the drug or not, but what is important is that he is trying to persuade other people to do it, and that is what Northam rightly called out in his reply to the President.

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