Trump Argues That He’s The Real Victim Of The Coronavirus


Trump made the case in a Sunday interview that he is the real victim, not the millions who are sick, and the nearly 100,000 dead from the coronavirus.

Trump said when asked about a Columbia study that tens of thousands of lives could have been saved if he would have acted sooner, “You know, it’s a disgrace what I watch from this fake news media and some of the liberal institutions. Columbia is a disgraceful liberal institution because all the people they cater to were months after me. They said we shouldn’t close it. I took tremendous heat when I banned China from coming in. First time anything like that ever happened. I took tremendous heat. Tremendous. A level that I’ve never seen anything like it and that went on for months. They were criticizing me. Sleepy Joe Biden said I’m xenophobic. Meaning I don’t like people, certain people, and other people said as bad as that or worse, and that was in January. That report. It’s a disgrace that Columbia University would do it. Playing right to their little group of people that tell them what to do.”



Nowhere in Trump’s comments did he express any sympathy for the sick, dying, and dead. Other people were not mentioned at all. The coronavirus is all about Donald Trump, and how he has been treated while his neglect killed tens of thousands of Americans.

Any other president would have expressed sympathy and then said something like if we knew then what we know now while defending his administration’s response. Trump is incapable of showing care, concern, empathy, or humanity.

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It is all about Trump, as he is making it clear that he views himself as the real victim of the pandemic.