Adam Schiff Rips Tin Pot Dictator Trump For Trying To Delegitimize The Election

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) warned that Trump is trying to delegitimize the election by attacking mail voting.

Schiff tweeted:

Trump has been ranting for days that the election will be illegitimate if people vote by mail:

Donald Trump voted by mail in the Florida primary, but he is not complaining about that.

Chairman Schiff was correct. Trump is laying the groundwork for delegitimizing his defeat. Trump is trying to destroy, not protect, the integrity of the 2020 election. The escalating complaints and behavior from the President are that of a candidate who expects to lose in November.

Trump never discusses what he will seek to accomplish during his second term in office. There is no agenda, or plan for the future. Trump is saying that he is going to lose this election because it will be stolen from him. Trump used this same argument while he was getting help from Russia to win the last election.

Trump is sending two signals. He expects to lose to Biden, and that foreign governments are going to be interfering to help him.

The difference is that in 2020 Adam Schiff and more than 63 million Americans are ready for Trump’s plot.

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