Twitter Stops Trump’s Lie Machine By Fact Checking His Tweets

Twitter has added a fact check link to Trump’s tweets that were full of false information about mail-in voting and voter fraud.

Here is how Trump’s tweets look now:

Trump tweets false
Trump tweets fact check

Trump has bragged about how Twitter has taken the place of the White House communications team because it allows him unfettered access to put out whatever he wants to the American people. It seemed like there was no line that Twitter would not let Trump cross. Trump tweets statements daily that would get other accounts banned, but apparently, trying to delegitimize a presidential election by lying about voting by mail was too much even for Twitter to look the other way on.

Twitter could hire full-time staff to do nothing besides post fact checks and warnings on Trump’s account. The social media company has still nothing about Trump’s touting of a Joe Scarborough murder conspiracy theory, but at least they aren’t allowing the President to use their platform to lie about vote by mail.

The solution would be to ban Trump’s account, but for now, the company has taken a small baby step toward shutting down Trump’s Twitter lie factory.