Devin Nunes Goes Full Racist And Says Democrats Are Against White People

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) said that Democrats are against white people because they are always talking about racism.

Nunes said on Fox News’s Sunday Morning Futures, “Look, the Democratic Party. It’s very odd. For a party that seems to be against white people, and always talking about racism, they sure like to prop up these old avatar white dudes. They have one running for president right now, who’s hiding in his basement, who won’t answer questions. What was his involvement? Their presidential candidate was who supposedly concocted this idea of using the Logan Act to investigate the Trump campaign.”


Nunes’s comments were blatant and idiotic racism. The playbook is for the Republicans has never more obvious. They are trying to save Trump by dividing America along racial lines while cooking up debunked conspiracy theories against Joe Biden.

Biden didn’t use the Logan Act to investigate the Trump campaign. The Obama administration didn’t investigate the Trump campaign. People associated with the Trump campaign were investigated because they were caught communicating with Russians.

Nunes has been Trump’s top spy in the House. He is firmly joined at the hip to Trump, and the ugliness of what he is saying that America’s political parties are segregated, and there is one for whites and one for everyone else is disgusting and should be rejected at the ballot box in November.

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