Trump blames China for Herman Cain's death

Trump Blames China For Herman Cain Getting The Virus At His Rally Dying

Trump tried to blame China for Herman Cain getting and dying from the coronavirus that he probably got at his Tulsa rally.

Trump said, “Expressing our sadness at the passing of a wonderful man and a dear friend of mine, Herman Cain. He was a very special person, I got to know him very well, and unfortunately, he passed away from a thing called the China virus. We send our prayers to Herman’s great wife, Gloria, wonderful family, and I have to say, America grieves for all of the 150,000 Americans who had their lives taken by this horrible, invisible enemy.”


China didn’t give Herman Cain coronavirus. Cain got the virus because he believed it was a hoax, and chose to attend Trump’s maskless non-socially distanced Tulsa rally without following the safety guidelines. Herman Cain’s death was unnecessary, and it showed the stupidity of one risking their own health for partisan politics.

It was Donald Trump who held the rally where it likely that Cain caught the virus, and it is Trump is pretending to update the nation on the pandemic while refusing to take any responsibility for the disaster that he has unleashed.

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