Trump Melts Down And Admits He’s Is Trying To Interfere The Election

At his coronavirus press briefing, Trump admitted that he was trying to delay the election or interfere and not allow mail-in voting.

Trump said:

I don’t want to see an election, so many years I’ve been watching elections. And they say the projected winner or the winner of the election. I don’t want to see that take place in a week, after November 3rd or frankly with litigation, years, years, or you never even know who won the election. You’re sending out hundreds of millions of universal mail-in ballots. Hundreds of millions. Where are they going? Who are they being sent to? It’s common sense. You don’t have to know anything about politics. The Democrats know this. The Democrats know this. So I want to see, I want an election, a result much more than you. I think we’re doing very well. We have the same fake polls. We have real polls. We’re doing very well.

I just left Texas. And Biden came out against fracking. That means Texas will be one of the most underemployed states in our country. That means Oklahoma, North Dakota, New Mexico, going to be a disaster. Ohio, Pennsylvania, disaster. No fracking. I want the result of the election. I don’t want to be waiting around for weeks and months and literally potentially if you really did it right, years. Because you’ll never know. These ballots are missing. You saw Paterson, New Jersey, many other instances. There’s tremendous litigation on that right now. And that doesn’t include absentee. That’s different. Absentee, you have to work, you have to send in for applications. You have to go thank you whole procedure.

Like for instance, I’m an absentee voter because I can’t be in Florida. I’m in Washington. I’m at the white house. So I’ll be an absentee voter. So we’re in favor of absentee but it is much different than millions of people. In California, they’ll send out tens of millions of voting forms. Where are they going to go? You read where postmen are in big trouble now. You read where city councils are in big trouble now. Voter fraud all over the ballot. So I want to get, I want to be standing hopefully handheld high, big victory.


Trump is essentially suggesting that if there is mail-in voting, he is going to lose, so he is attempting to interfere in the election to make the electorate as small as possible to give himself the best chance of winning.

Trump is terrified of a large turnout election, and he is using the bully pulpit of the presidency to try to undermine a free and fair presidential election.

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