James Carville Calls For Trump To Be On TV So America Can See His Stupidity

James Carville called for Donald Trump to be left on television and Twitter so America can see his stupidity and his blathering idiocy.

Carville said on MSNBC’s The Beat with Ari Melber, “Well, I was reading about that in — in 2 Corinthians. I was sitting in yo semite national park. A blabbering full. Fool. He’s just going to make a fool of himself. And I don’t know why they have taken him off Twitter. They ought to leave him on everything, so he can continue to demonstrate his stupidity. Biden, as I am, is a cradle Catholic. He’s totally, you know, a total guy. And Trump’s just — and they’re going to go now he’s against energy? I mean, how do you answer this? You don’t. You just let him sit there and let the camera roll so people can see what blabbering idiot he is.”


Carville does raise a solid political point. In 2016, Trump was able to turn the conversation and the media attention on to Hillary Clinton. To a large extent, Trump’s stupidity was glossed over by the corporate media because they saw ratings and dollars signs in their coverage of him. The press willingly helped Trump make the 2016 election about Hillary Clinton.

In 2020, Donald Trump can’t get out of his own way. As the president, he carries the weight of incumbency, and the constant spotlight of his position with him everywhere. Trump can’t hide his stupidity anymore. The glare of the presidential spotlight is too strong.

Trump can’t make the election about Biden because he is the president in the middle of a pandemic and a recession.

The more Trump talks, the deeper his political hole gets. His ego won’t let him stop speaking and hogging the spotlight, but the more this election is about him, the more likely a Trump defeat becomes.