Trump Has A Minnesota Meltdown And Wants To Serve 3 More Terms

In Minnesota, Trump wasn’t trying to hide his racism against refugees while “joking” about serving a third and fourth term as president.

Trump said:

He would overwhelm Minnesota with refugees from terror hot spots depleting public services, burgeoning schools, and straining city budgets. You already know about the hot spots, don’t you? You’re having plenty of problems in Minnesota, but I’m going to be so politically correct. I’m not going to say a thing, but I know all about you’re hot spots. You’ve got some hot spots. Very unfair to Minnesota, I will tell you that, and I’ll tell you if I don’t win Minnesota, I’ve never going to do it if I run for a third or fourth term, ok? I’ll never be back if I run. I’ve given up.


Trump then ranted about how he almost won Minnesota in 2016, which served as a reminder that Trump continues to live in the past as he tries to run the same campaign that he ran four years against a very different Democratic ticket.

No other president has commented as often about not giving up power and defying the constitution as Donald Trump.

Presidents don’t joke about staying in office beyond their term limits, but Trump does because he is not joking. Trump is known to have no sense of humor. When Trump talks about running for three more terms, he is signaling that he is not going to willingly give up power.

It will take a resounding defeat to get Trump out of the White House.