Barack Obama: Republicans “Barely Even Pretend” to Have Answers to America’s Problems

Barack Obama has slammed Republicans hours before he’s due to speak at the virtual Democratic National Convention. The former President appears to be preparing to immerse himself in the campaign.

The Biden campaign issued a statement from Obama on Wednesday. He’s due to speak at the convention on Wednesday evening, following Michelle Obama’s blockbuster address on Monday.

Folks, sixteen years ago, the first time I spoke at a Democratic convention, I asked a simple question: Do we participate in a politics of cynicism, or do we participate in a politics of hope?” Obama said.

It’s a question that’s more relevant than ever today, as I prepare my speech for this year’s convention. I know the answer, and I think you do, too.”

The statement then moved on to explicit attacks on the Republicans – a possible indication of what Obama’s speech will cover tonight.

“The Republican Party made its choice long ago, and we’re seeing the consequences of it every day,” Obama wrote.

“They have no answers for the COVID-19 pandemic that has stolen the lives of more than 170,000 Americans and shuttered countless businesses — just excuses and blame.”

They offer no help for the millions of Americans who have lost their jobs, and who now must make unthinkable choices like whether to spend the last dollars in their checking account on rent or food.”

“They have no serious plans for the great challenges facing us for years to come, and they barely even pretend to,” the statement went on.

“Instead, they try to fan the flames of resentment to divide and distract us from their failures.”

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