Trump Screams We Want God In Sunday Twitter Misinformation Meltdown

Trump is clinging to his new campaign theme that Democrats are against God, and screaming we want God in a Sunday Twitter meltdown.

Trump tweeted:

Religion doesn’t work how Donald Trump thinks it does. One doesn’t walk into a place of worship and demand some God, just like they are ordering at the McDonald’s drive-thru, to use an example that Trump would understand.

Trump is losing the election. He can’t talk about policies or vision for the future of the country because he has none. The President is using an endless stream of culture war dog whistles because he thinks that this country is stuck somewhere between 1955 and 1986.

The President thinks that he is rallying his base, but he doesn’t understand that there aren’t enough people in his base to win an election.

Screaming we want God while holding a Bible upsidedown only confirms to voters of faith who haven’t sold themselves out for this President that Trump is a fraud.

Trump is melting down because he only has one tool in his toolbox, but hate and division aren’t working on this electorate.

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