Donald Trump Jr. Says You Have To Worship Trump To Be A Real American

Donald Trump Jr. complained about the number of celebrities at the Democratic convention and said that real Americans support the Trumps.

Trump Jr. tweeted:

Trump’s Republican convention speaking lineup has featured no average Americans, a few Trump supporters who have gone viral online, a smatter of the Trump sycophantic elected Republicans, and a whole lot of Trumps.

Donald Trump Jr. was riffing on the same point that his step-mom made in her Republican convention speech. Melania Trump claimed that Democrats were dividing America by criticizing Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Jr. was telling the Gold Star Families, World War II vet, victims of gun violence, former Republicans, veterans, families of coronavirus victims, women, and minorities who populated Joe Biden’s convention that they are not real Americans.

Most of the speakers at the Democratic convention were not celebrities. They were regular Americans who spoke about what the Trump presidency has done for them and the character of Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Real Americans, the people who are struggling right now, and need help, are invisible at Donald Trump’s convention. Democrats showcased America at their convention, while Trump is showcasing Trump.

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