Mary Trump: It’s “Disturbing to Watch” RNC Paint the President as a Family Man

Donald Trump’s niece thinks the Republican National Convention has tried to whitewash his true character by portraying him inaccurately as a caring, family man.

Mary Trump spoke to MSNBC on the closing night of the convention, when her uncle delivered his acceptance speech. She described a very different man from the one the GOP has promoted.

The idea of passing him off like a great family man is like trying to pass him off as a great businessman,” she said.

Trump said it was “disturbing to watch” the RNC portray the President as a caring when “so much evidence he doesn’t care about other people” or “people in the family.”

I’m not sure why the American people continue to be fooled by the rhetoric,” she said.

Trump also criticized the President for not taking measures to guard against Covid-19 at his White House speech, saying he’d “been rewarded for bad behavior his entire life.”

He feels no shame. He has no humility. And that’s part of the reason we’re in the mess we’re in,” she said.

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