Wisconsin Sheriff Involved in Jacob Blake Protests Said Some Black Suspects Should Be “Warehoused” to Stop Them Having Kids

The Wisconsin sheriff who has led the response to protests following the shooting of Jacob Blake once said that some African American suspects should be locked away forever.

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth made the remarks back in 2018 about five suspects in a shoplifting case who led police on a high speed chase. According to various reports, the suspects were Black and one was a minor.

Though no serious damage was done, Beth made some eyebrow-raising comments to reporters at the time for which he later apologized.

“I’m to the point that I think society has to come to a threshold where there’s some people that aren’t worth saving,” Beth told a CNN affiliate.

We need to build warehouses, to put these people into it and lock them away for the rest of their lives.”

We put them away for the rest of their lives so that the rest of us can be better,” Beth said.

The Washington Post reported on Friday that Beth said “These people have to be warehoused” and the three men involved should be put away so they couldn’t have children.

All five suspects were between 16 and 23 and Beth later apologized for his comments, the remarks reemerged this week as  the ACLU called for his resignation.

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