Wisconsin Governor Urges Trump Not To Come To Kenosha

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D-WI) urged Trump not to come to Kenosha because his visit would hinder the healing of the community.

The full letter from Evers to Trump:

Gov. Evers said that Trump’s visit would hinder the community’s efforts to heal, and the President would divert needed resources away from the city and state.

Trump doesn’t care about Kenosha and Wisconsin need. He is trying to win an election, and he is doing so by pretending to be a law and order politician while encouraging violence.

Donald Trump has spent his entire presidency showing up in places where he is not wanted. Community leaders often urge not to show up after a disaster or a tragedy, because the presence of toxic Trump only makes things worse.

Barack Obama was a healer as Commander In Chief. Trump by nature is a divider.

Trump should stay out of Kenosha, and focus on doing his job as president. Donald Trump has never been interested in the work of the presidency. He only cares about the photo-op and it doesn’t matter to him what damage he leaves behind in his wake.

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