Mark Kelly Campaign Has To Add More Phone Bank Shifts Because Democrats Are Fired Up Over SCOTUS

The Senate campaign of Mark Kelly in Arizona has had to add more phone bank shifts because Democrats are so fired up over the Supreme Court.

Time reported:

In Arizona, where former astronaut Mark Kelly is running as the Democratic nominee against Republican Senator Martha McSally, local organizers were having to add more phone banking shifts because of the added energy, says Leah Greenberg, co-executive director of the Indivisible Project, a progressive organizing group.

“The energy is unbelievable. It’s people who are grieving, it’s people who Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a hero of theirs, it’s people who can’t bear the idea of her replacement being somebody who wouldn’t uphold in values,” says Greenberg. “That will manifest in pressure on these Senators, and it will manifest in electoral outcomes as well.”

The conventional wisdom that the Supreme Court vacancy created by the passing of Justice Ginsburg will motivate Republicans more than Democrats is being to proven wrong every hour of every day. Democrats aren’t sitting around and waiting to vote. They are volunteering for Senate and donating record sums of money.

Mark Kelly is running to fill the rest of John McCain’s term. If he wins, he could take office as soon as November 30, and wreck McConnell and Trump’s plan to confirm Trump’s Supreme Court nominee during the post-election lame-duck Senate session.

The death of RBG has adding fuel to a raging political fire. Democrats are determined to vote Trump out and take back the Senate, and the idea that the Supreme Court doesn’t matter to them is out of step with what is happening all over the country.

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