Biden To Storm States With Close Senate Races To Help Get Mitch McConnell Fired


Joe Biden’s campaign will be in states with competitive Senate race where Democratic wins will get Mitch McConnell fired as Majority Leader.

Axios reported:

Biden will be in North Carolina on Wednesday, while his wife, Jill Biden, and Doug Emhoff, Sen. Kamala Harris’s husband, take on Maine and Iowa.


The campaign just added Georgia and Iowa — two states Trump won in 2016 — to its list of TV and digital ad campaign targets heading into the election.

On Tuesday, the Biden campaign started airing TV ads in New Hampshire, which Hillary Clinton won by less than a single point.

The Cook Political Report ranks the Georgia, Iowa, and Maine Senate contests as toss-ups.

In all five of those states, polls show a neck-and-neck race between Biden and Trump at the top of the ticket, and Democrats leading or within striking distance of their Republican opponents.

A Biden win and Democratic control of the Senate would mean that Mitch McConnell would be fired as Majority Leader, and the Democrats would have the power to negate Trump and McConnell’s packing of the Supreme Court.

Joe Biden is doing something that Trump has shown no interest in. Biden is helping Democrats down the ballot. A Biden win without Senate control would mean a return to the Obama years of Mitch McConnell obstructing the Senate.

Former Vice President Biden understands what needs to be done. 2020 has to be a Democratic Party victory.

It can’t be a Biden victory alone. It has to be a total party win.

The best way to get Mitch McConnell fired is to support Senate Democratic candidates. If Democrats focus on the Senate, they can fire Mitch McConnell in November.

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