Anti-Trump Republican Group Will Spend $4 Million on “Project Orange Crush” Ads in Florida

A group of Republicans opposed to Donald Trump’s reelection plans to spend almost $4 million on ads in Florida aimed at convincing wavering voters to back Joe Biden.

Republican Voters Against Trump (RVAT) will run two ads in the crucial swing state in October as part of what they’re calling “Project Orange Crush.” The initial spend will approach $4 million.

The first ad, entitled “We Did”, will showcase voters who opted for the President in 2016 but who’ve subsequently changed their mind – a group RVAT argues is substantial.

A second ad, “Turbulence”, will compare the “chaotic” nature of the Trump presidency to former Vice President Joe Biden’s character and his approach to public life.

Watch the video:

RVAT believes there are 730,000 “soft Republican and independent voters” in the ads’ target area who can be swayed to choose the Democratic presidential candidate.

Beating Trump in Florida makes it nearly impossible for him to be reelected,” said RVAT Strategic Director Mike Murphy

Extensive research has shown us that there are enough people who are ready to change their mind and get Biden across finish line,” he said.

Beyond the initial spending, Project Orange Crush has a budget of $8 to $10 million and plans to operate throughout the presidential election season in a state Trump won in 2016.

Florida is a must-win for Republicans this year. Without the Sunshine State, there is no realistic path back to the White House for the President.

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