Joe Biden Drives Mitch McConnell To The Unemployment Line At North Carolina Rally

Joe Biden hammered Senate Republicans at his drive up North Carolina rally and made the argument that leave Mitch McConnell unemployed.


Biden said:

Why do Republicans have the time to hold a hearing on the Supreme Court instead of addressing the economic needs of communities. I’ll tell you why for real. It is about wiping Obamacare off the books. That is what it is about. Because their nominee has said in the past the law should be struck down.

If they get their way, 100 million Americans will lose their protections for pre-existing conditions. Complications of COVID-19, over 7 million people infected will become the next plea conditioning condition allowing insurers to jack up their premiums or deny your coverage altogether. And women again will be charged more for their health just because they are women. Folks, we can do so much better. I will build on the affordable care act so you can keep your private insurance, you can choose a medicare-like option. We’ll increase subsidies and lower your premiums.

Biden has the perfect argument for helping Democrats win the Senate majority. The contrast at the down-ballot level of this election is striking. Republicans are grumbling that Trump has no coherent message and his hurting his party down-ballot with his flailing about and rambling attacks.

If Mitch McConnell’s time as Senate majority leader comes to an end, some of the credit should go to Joe Biden’s campaign for taking McConnell and Trump’s strategic error on the Barrett nomination and turning it into a Democratic Senate majority.
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