Trump’s World Is Collapsing As He Owes $900 Million In Loans

Trump’s debt is even worse than reported as over the next four years, he has $900 million in loans coming due on his properties.

Forbes reported:

Whether or not Donald Trump wins the election, lenders will expect his businesses to pay back an estimated $900 million in the next four years, an alarmingly accelerated timetable that involves more than twice as much debt as the president previously indicated. In order to emerge unscathed, Trump will likely have to engage in a series of high-stakes, big-money transactions—deals that could produce arguably the biggest conflicts of interest than an American president has ever had to face.

About half of the debt coming due from the start of 2021 to the end of 2024 is secured against assets that the president and his children own outright. He will have to pay back loans against his hotel in Washington, D.C., his golf resort in Miami and his tower in Chicago. He’ll also have to sort out the debt against Trump Tower and Trump Plaza in New York City.

It had previously been reported that Trump has $421 million in current debt, but the situation is even worse as the president has more than twice that amount coming due in loan payments. Since Trump has not walled himself from his business, there is no way that this massive amount of debt would not influence US policy if he won a second term.

Should Trump lose the election, his situation will be that of an ex-president whose business has been propped up for years by taxpayer dollars. Trump’s business was on the decline when he ran for president, and without winning the White House, he could have gone bankrupt again.

Trump is looking at a life of massive debt, potential criminal charges, and a brand that will be damaged beyond repair by his one-term presidency.

If Trump loses to Biden, he is facing nothing less than total collapse and ruin.

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