Trump Melts Down And Calls Reporters Who Won’t Spread His Russia Disinformation Criminals

Trump raged in Phoenix, Arizona at reporters for not spreading his Russian disinformation about Joe Biden. Trump called reporters criminals.

Trump was asked why he calls Joe Biden a criminal.

He answered, “Joe Biden is a criminal, and he’s been a criminal for a long time, and you’re a criminal in the media for not reporting it.”


Donald Trump and his family are under criminal investigation in the city of New York for potential bank and loan fraud. Joe Biden and his family are not under criminal investigation.

The real reason for Trump’s rage is that he can’t the Russian smears and disinformation injected into the mainstream media as he did in 2016. It is not a crime for the media not to report on falsified information that came from a hostile foreign actor that is interfering in the presidential election to help Donald Trump.

Trump has long operated under the assumption that journalists are stupid and will report anything that he states or pushes into the media as fact, but that isn’t happening in 2020. Trump claims that he turned over information to The Wall Street Journal that will create a new Joe Biden scandal, but with just about two weeks to go before election day, the president is realizing that the press isn’t going push Putin’s disinformation.

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