Emergency Paper Ballots Deployed As Voting Machines Go Down In Parts Of Georgia

Voting machines are already reported as having gone down and emergency paper ballots have been deployed as record turnout is expected in Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported:

Voting equipment wasn’t working at Morris Brandon Elementary in Buckhead, forcing voters to use emergency paper ballots instead. Ryan Barrows, a poll worker at the precinct, said the scanners are locked and election workers can’t get into the machines.


Channel 2 Action News reports that all voting machines are down because of a glitch in Spalding County, 37 miles south of Atlanta. Spalding County election officials are sending 2,000 provisional ballots to each precinct so everyone can post a paper ballot.

In Spalding County, there is no plan to extend voting hours unless they are ordered to do by a court. These issues should not be happening, but they consistently occur in Georgia through a combination of dirty tricks by Republicans and bad technology.

If these problems continue, and since it is Georgia one should assume that they will, it could delay the counting of votes after the polls close.

The 2020 election is expected to shatter turnout records. Almost 100 million Americans voted early, so one would expect there to be less stress placed on same day voting systems, but so far, it is the same old story in Georgia, and voting rights organizations and election observers need to pay close attention to a state that is on the verge of turning blue.

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