Republicans Are Reportedly No Longer Returning Trump’s Phone Calls

Trump is reportedly trying to get his Republican friends to go on cable news to push his false claims that the election is being stolen, but they won’t return his calls.

Via: Jon Cooper on Twitter:

Trump has struggled to get surrogates to defend him on cable news throughout his presidency. It is why there was so much Kellyanne Conway on cable news when she worked in the White House. Trump has administration officials, his kids, and a few friends in conservative media who in the past were willing to go on television and defend him.

The President is in the middle of losing a historic election, and he is working the phones trying to find people to spread his lies.

Trump isn’t going to win this election by getting his false statements on TV. Trump doesn’t have a top-notch legal team filing lawsuits for him. This isn’t Florida 2000. It is Rudy Giuliani and conspiracy theories.

Donald Trump is getting a taste of his future, and he is about to go from the White House to irrelevance.

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