Mike Pompeo Promises A Smooth Transition To Imaginary Second Trump Administration

Sec. of State Mike Pompeo refused to acknowledge that Biden won the election and promised a smooth transition to a second Trump administration.

Pompeo said:

It has only been a few days since victory was projected for Joe Biden, but Republicans have already reached the point where they are pretending like the election never happened and Donald Trump is going to serve a second term.

Everybody who works in the administration is trying to appease Trump by pushing the fantasy that there is going to be a second Trump term. There is not going to be a second Trump term.

Mitch McConnell‘s suggestion that he would not acknowledge Biden’s victory until after the Electoral College voted provided a hint for how long Republican may keep the charade going.

There was no voter fraud.

Donald Trump lost, and Republicans will eventually have to face the reality that Joe Biden is the next president.

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