Trump Lawyer Claims Bernie Sanders And Brian Kemp Conspired To Steal The Election From Trump

Trump lawyer Sidney Powell that Sen. Bernie Sanders and Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp conspired to steal the election from Trump.


Powell said on Newsmax, “Their own handbook tells you that these things are features of their system. Are we supposed to think they didn’t use the features? Heck no, they used them, and they used them against their own candidates. The Democrats used them against Bernie Sanders in 2016, and somebody even told him what had been done to him when Hillary Clinton won the primary, and he didn’t, and instead of standing up for the American people and the right to vote, he sold out.”

Powell continued, “The person who sent me the data told me that they informed Bernie Sanders of all their findings, and he didn’t do anything except get enough money to buy another fabulous house. I’m telling you it’s been used for both parties, and one of the big problems is we don’t know who was elected by buying their election through Dominion.”

These claims by Powell about the Dominion being able to flip votes have been debunked by fact checks. Powell wants people to believe that Brian Kemp, who was then the Secretary of State in Georgia, rigged the voting machines for Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders found out about it and took a bribe to stay quiet.

Anyone who thinks that Bernie Sanders would take a bribe to stay quiet hasn’t been paying attention. Sanders fought Clinton tooth and nail for the Democratic nomination, so none of what Powell said makes any sense.

If Democrats could rig the voting machines with the help of the Secretary of State in the primary, why didn’t they do it against Trump in the general election?

The whole theory defies common sense.

These conspiracy theories could come back to haunt the GOP as the people who are most likely to believe this nonsense are Trump-voting Republicans who will be voting in Georgia’s two Senate runoff elections.

There was no mass conspiracy across parties to steal the election from Trump, and Sidney Powell’s conspiracy theories are a national embarrassment.

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