WATCH: Fox’s Jesse Watters Wants Sheriffs Aiding Poll Watchers During Georgia Elections

The presidential race in 2020 came down to a select few swing states. Some, like Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada and Pennsylvania had Democrats as governors. The other two, Georgia and Arizona had Republicans in charge.

And in Georgia, not only was the governor a Republican, so were all the other figures in charge of running the election. And these officials have been quite clear in saying this was the best run Georgia election in decades.

While Trump is souring on Fox News, there are still those looking to promote his claim of election fraud. This certainly includes Jesse Watters. During a Thursday segment, Watters called on sheriffs to be present on election day aiding poll watchers.

“Ossoff is a baby-faced trust fund socialist who will be a Schumer puppet, and — and Warnock is a Jeremiah Wright loving gun grabber,” Watters began. “Neither of those guys should win this race, but with the situation as it is in Georgia, anything could happen. And you saw that with the tape that was played up top at the A Block.”

Despite the fact that poll watchers were welcome and undisturbed during the 2020 election, the Fox host continued, “So, they should have sheriffs there enforcing the ability of poll watchers to review those ballots. Democrats aren’t going to have this, like, four month window where they can just flood the zone with all of these paper ballots. It’s a limited amount of time, they can squeeze out these ballots, so, you know, their advantage isn’t what it used to be.”


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