Trump Thinks The Supreme Court Will Overturn The Election For Him (They Won’t)

Trump showed how deeply Biden’s win has broken him by telling a crowd of supporters that he is taking the election to the Supreme Court.


Trump said, “No we continue to fight. We’ve had some great moments. We just need somebody with courage to do what they have to do because everyone knows it is wrong we need somebody with courage somebody that makes decisions. And we’ll be going up to the supreme court very shortly and we really if we have — If we have courage and wisdom I think you know what the answer is going to be because you can’t let people get away with what they got away with.”

Trump can’t go to the Supreme Court because he has no case. The Supreme Court will not blanket overturn a presidential election and hand the victory to Trump.

A big part of the president’s strategy has been to try to get state legislatures to overturn the election results so that he could contest one state before the Supreme Court, but state legislatures have refused to go along with his coup attempt.

Donald Trump appears to seriously believe that the Supreme Court is going to overturn an election and give him four more years in office.

Joe Biden’s win has so broken Trump that he is living in a delusional fantasy world.

The Supreme Court won’t overturn the election.

Joe Biden will be president at noon on January 20, 2021.

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