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Ron Johnson Says He May Not Run for Re-Election in Wisconsin

Last updated on July 18th, 2023 at 12:30 pm

The Republican map looks favorable in 2022. And in normal years, the party that doesn’t hold the White House typically does well in the mid-terms election. So the GOP has high hopes for their chances to retake power in two years.

But a number of Republicans won’t be along for the ride. On Monday, Ohio’s Rob Portman announced that he will not be running in 2022. He joins Pennsylvania’s Pat Toomey and North Carolina’s Richard Burr.

Democrats are licking their chops at these opportunities. Ohio has gone strong for Trump recently, but Democrat Sherrod Brown is one of the state’s senators. Pennsylvania went for Biden in 2020 and while North Carolina went for Trump in 2020, the state elected Democratic governor Roy Cooper in 2016.

Today, another Republican senator in a purple state said that he might join Toomey, Burr and Portman. Wisconsin’s Ron Johnson didn’t commit to running for office in 2022.

Politico’s Andrew Desiderio tweeted on Monday night, “Ron Johnson still undecided on whether to seek re-election in 2022, he tells me.”

Johnson has been somewhat of a controversial lawmaker throughout the Trump years. He was voted into office in 2010 with the backing of the Tea Party.

He has been a huge supporter of the president and pushed for investigations into Burisma and Hunter Biden.

The Biden campaign responded to Johnson’s action, saying at the time “Senator Johnson should be working overtime to save American lives and jobs — but instead, he’s wasting taxpayer dollars on a blatantly dishonest attempt to help Donald Trump get reelected.”

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