Scotland Is Poised To Be The First Federal Government To Investigate Trump’s Finances

The Scottish Parliament will vote this week on launching a full investigation into Donald Trump’s finances and properties.

The Scotsman reported, “An opposition debate in the Scottish Parliament will set out the arguments for ministers to apply to the Court of Session and act on growing concerns over how the former US president’s holdings in Scotland were acquired. While the issue has been discussed three times at Holyrood in the past 12 months, the coming debate is significant. A vote by MSPs calling on ministers to seek an UWO would not be binding, but it would substantially increase pressure on First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to act in line with Holyrood’s will.”

Scotland is further along than any publicly known federal government investigation into Trump’s finances. At the state and local level, both New York State and Manhattan are deep into investigations into Trump’s financial dealings.

The Scots have made it well known that they would like to get rid of Trump and get his businesses out of their country. Trump has a big problem looming in Scotland. If a federal investigation is launched, there is no telling what they will find, but once the dominos start to fall, other nations will begin their own investigations into the Trump Organization.

Trump and his house of cards built on fraud both appear to be on borrowed time.

Without the presidency to hide behind, there is nothing stopping Donald Trump and his family from being criminally charged.

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