Meghan McCain Blames the Media’s Coverage of Conservatives for Trump

There are plenty of Republicans who love Donald Trump and always want him to be a part of their party. Then there are other Republicans who absolutely despise him and have done everything in their power to stop him.

Then there are people like Meghan McCain. The View host often argues against Trump but says she will fight for the future of the party. And McCain often blames the emergence of Trump on everything but Republican support.

The View host began by ripping into Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. She told the audience, “You guys know me, I know you. I’m not like Marjorie Taylor Greene. I’m a Republican. I don’t believe in birtherism. I don’t believe in the Confederate flag … but as long as it’s Marjorie Taylor Greene [that remains in the news,] people like me don’t matter anymore.”

McCain continued, “She’s sort of loud and embarrassing and not effective. I do think she should be removed from any and all appointments she had, especially education.”

Of course, Greene has been enabled and supported by Republican leadership every step of the way. But rather than blaming people like Steve Scalise and Kevin McCarthy for her rise, she blamed the media.

She said of the coverage, “It makes traditional Republicans go back into their corners … and I would argue this is how we got Trump in the first place.”