House Democrats Are Moving Fast And Could Have Stimulus Bill To The Senate In 2 Weeks

Speaker Pelosi said that the House could have President Biden‘s COVID stimulus bill passed and to the Senate in two weeks.


Speaker Pelosi said after House Democrats met with President Biden, “So we will have established the budget plan. Monday we’ll begin working on the specifics of the bill. Hopefully, in a two-week period of time, we’ll send something over to the senate and this will be done long before the due date of the expiration of the initiative. In terms of this meeting, the president was his usual values-based, knowledge-informed, and strategic thinking in his presentation. It was a joy to hear his commitment to meeting the needs of the American people, open, as we all are, to bipartisanship, but nonetheless interested in getting results as soon as we can in the best possible way. We passed a reconciliation bill and we later today to have as an option. We would hope we can proceed in a bipartisan way. That was part of the thrust of our meeting with the president.”

It is a joy to see the federal government functioning again. The Democratic-run government responds to events around them, like the new jobs numbers, instead of attempting to discredit and deny them.

The House is going to move quickly to get the stimulus bill passed. $1.9 trillion is an expensive piece of legislation that covers a lot of areas.

Given the Speaker’s timeline, it is very possible that President Biden’s stimulus bill is passed and signed into law by the end of the month.

Democrats are following through on their promise to get things done.

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