Steve Bannon Suggests That Trump Has Early Stage Dementia

A veteran 60 Minutes producer said that Steve Bannon expressed his belief that Trump has early-stage dementia and would be removed via the 25th Amendment.

Ira Cohen relayed the story The Skullduggery podcast:

Mediaite noted:

Roughly 16 minutes and 44 seconds into the podcast episode, Rosen was asked about the breaking news included in his memoir: Bannon believed Trump was suffering from “early-stage dementia” while president.

Bannon also allegedly thought Trump would be removed from office via the 25th Amendment, as he was no longer mentally capable to lead the nation.

Speculation has run rampant for years that Trump has some form of mental decline or dementia. Comparing video from a decade ago with today suggests that Trump has undergone some sort of decline. The man that Republicans are so afraid of that they wouldn’t convict him of inciting an insurrection against the United States government is widely speculated to be suffering from dementia.

America dodged a bullet in many ways when it tossed Trump out of the White House. The country was left in a dire place when Joe Biden took office, but it could have been unfathomably worse if Donald Trump would have won a second term.

Trump’s dreams of a 2024 comeback look even more unlikely as the word is slowly leaking out about the true state of Trump’s health and mental fitness.

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