Michael Cohen Meets With Manhattan DA For A 7th Time As Trump’s Nightmare Is Coming True

Michael Cohen’s meetings with the Manhattan DA are increasing, which is a sign that the criminal investigation into Trump is accelerating.


CNN reported:

A source close to the investigation says that Michael Cohen T for the seventh time with prosecutors from the Manhattan’s district attorney’s office. Cohen started talking to them when he was in prison for facilitating those hush-money payments on behalf of former president Donald Trump, but in the past recent weeks, his meetings have increased in frequency, and he has gone in now for the seventh time.

Cohen is someone of interest to prosecutors because he was involved in the hush-money payments, which is an area they’re investigating. He also testified before Congress, you might remember, saying that the former president had manipulated the value of his financial statement in inflating the value of his assets when dealing with banks and insurance companies and deflating the value when it came time to pay taxes. Prosecutors are interested in speaking to Michael Cohen about this. He knows how the company works. He’s the former president’s fixer. He knows the relationships between the president and his chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg. This is a financial investigation. Knowledge about how the place works is really key.

Donald Trump has always been afraid of being indicted, and his desperation to hang on to the president was driven in part by the immunity from criminal prosecution that came with being in the White House.

Cohen has said in the past that Trump should start getting measured for an orange jumpsuit, and it turns out that he may no more about the status of the investigation than he let on.

Trump’s worst nightmare appears to be coming true, as a criminal indictment looks more realistic with each passing day.

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